Bitcoin for Everyone

NMBTC specifically has the potential to be a DeFi 2.0 leader, and we welcome and embrace all viewpoints and are committed to building the best community for cryptocurrency.


You Can Deposit NMBTC's LP-Token to Earn NMBTC.

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You Can Earn Rewards by Sharing NMBTC.

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All data is on the chain, no bankers, no giant whales, and whoever owns NMBTC is on the same starting line

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What is NanoMeter Bitcoin? Transparency, Community, Ecology, Future

NMBTC is a project initiated around the global community and ultimately

belongs to every member of the community, and we encourage every member to share, develop, community manage and other related efforts for NMBTC.

NMBTC is a global project that belongs to no one in particular. It is the "Bitcoin" of the NMBTC community, and will provide a productive investment that will outweigh any short-term trends through long-term development. Come and learn about it!

Decentralized Finance 2.0

We are committed to building a valuable and super cohesive community, and here are our subsequent product plans



Traders can trade any BEP20-Token on the NMSwap trading chain.



Build DeFi+NFT one-stop trading market, including NFT trading, blind box, auction, customization and other functions.



Establish a bartering platform where all members can exchange through NMBTC to achieve the social function of altruism and benefit.

Liquidity Pool Trading

Inter-Address Trading

Route Map

NMBTC is a long-term project. Here are the goals we need to achieve this year, and we will update NMBTC's future plans regularly.

Phase 1


(1) 2,000 Global Community Members
(2) 5,000 Holders
(3) Website Launch
(4) Community Marketing Fund
(5) Marketing Campaign

Phase 2


(1) 5,000 Global Community Members
(2) 30,000 Holders
(3) Market Partners
(4) NMStake Launch

Phase 3


(1) 10,000 Global Community Members
(2) 100,000 Holders
(3) Website Redesign
(4) NMCreat (one-stop NFT Marketplace)

Phase 4


(1) 50,000 Global Community Members
(2) 300,000 Holders
(3) NMBarter (Global Barter Marketplace)
(4) Impactful Marketing Partnerships
(5) Building NMBTC Brand

How to buy NMBTC?

1. Create a BSC wallet
2. Buy BNB and USDT through CoinExchange
3. Make field USDT to buy NMBTC in PancakeSwap
Contract: 0x5ddb331c3ba48a1d68cbf50dd3bc7aac407dc115

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about NMBTC we will keep the community updated with answers to their questions

NMBTC is a community-centric, recommendation-based decentralized project.
Because of the huge number of issues and our aim to be a bitcoin that everyone can have
NMBTC has six superb mechanisms of static dividends dynamic destruction, liquidity collection FOMO pools, referral rewards referral pools!
NMBTC is a long term project, NMBTC has fully decentralized its management, all decisions are made by the community, instant rewards are available for holders, hopefully every community member will get the answers they want in NMBTC
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Community Suggestions

NMBTC has fully decentralized its management and all decisions are made by the community. We will listen to every member's suggestions and encourage everyone to suggest developments to NMBTC.